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Working on a Dream

I work for the county out on 95
All day I hold a red flag and watch the traffic pass me by
In my head I keep a picture of a pretty little miss
Someday, mister, I’m gonna lead a better life than this

 Bruce Springsteen,  Working on the Highway.

It’s just before midnight when he comes into the store. He parks his guitar case in the staff bathroom and makes his way to the counter. His co-worker looks at him with relief in his eyes.

“Did you play tonight? he asks Continue reading Working on a Dream


Show me a Hero.

              The coffee tastes bitter as he takes a sip from the Styrofoam cup in his hand. The city passes him by as makes his way along the sidewalk cradling the coffee cup in both hands. He doesn’t need to be anywhere so he just walks. Alone in a city of millions. Its been three months since he lost his job. The third round of cuts at the paper where he had worked for more than a decade. They had said things like “circulation is down” and “people just don’t read the news anymore”. Didn’t matter what excuses they gave, he was surplus to requirements. His savings were getting low now and he needed a job but no one was hiring. The 24 hour news cycles and easily accessible and free news sites meant people picked out what they felt was newsworthy these days. He could try something new, hell maybe he should sell his city apartment and start again somewhere else  but this place was as much part of him now as his birthplace was. I could rob a bank he thought to himself but whose he trying to kid. That’s just not his way Continue reading Show me a Hero.