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In This Depression – 2

Chapter 2

His feet kick up clouds of dust and grit as he runs down the track, swings round on the gate post and barrels in through the front door.

“Dad, Dad, Dad!” he calls out breathlessly.

“What’s the matter boy, who’s died?”

“The fairs coming Dad, we saw it on the road and now it’s setting up in one of Sanders paddocks”. Continue reading In This Depression – 2


In This Depression

Chapter One

The last rays of the winter sun are just clearing the skyline as he walks along the dusty road and turns through the gateway towards home. He can see the wisps of smoke rising from the small chimney as he reaches the front porch. As he opens the door he sees a shock of brown hair darting out the back door. The warmth of the fire spreads through him as he carefully removes his coat and hangs it up on a nail on the door frame and goes into the kitchen. I must fix that he thinks to himself as once again that loose board groans under his weight. He can hear the girls in the next room, bickering again. His wife is at the stove, cooking their supper, stew again, but he brought a chicken home yesterday so there should be something to chew on. Continue reading In This Depression

Dear William

18th June 1934,

Dear William,

                I do hope this letter finds you, and finds you well. I’ve directed it to your Mother’s home as your last letter did not give your address where you are and I’m sure you’ll find your way there before too long. It seems an age since you headed east last fall and we hope you can find a way to be home before too long. Continue reading Dear William