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Once and Future King

A little 100ish word story for Microcosms. The prompts were Time Traveller and Medieval Europe.

“So if you’re Arthur, this bearded dude must be Merlin”

“Merlin? Yes. Dude?”

“Have you done the sword thing yet? Course you have, there’s a crown on your head.  Been to the lake?”


“Where’s Galahad?”


“Oh he’s cool, you can trust him. Watch out for his old man though.”


“Galahad, Lancelot’s boy. He’s a good guy. He gets the Grail. Lancelot’s a bit of a …… well you know.”

“Lancelot’s my most devoted ally.”

“Yeah, about that. Don’t trust him with your old lady. Is that her? Damn! She. Is. Fine!”

“Who are you?”

“You’ll find out in Avalon. And about 1000 years or so”