About Me

20 years ago my best friends band needed a drummer, I volunteered, bought a drum kit, practiced a bit down the youth centre with the other boys in the band, pleaded with Mum to let me practice in the living room, realised I was not ever a drummer and got on a plane to Australia leaving “Funky Kitchen” and my rock n roll dreams behind. The root of the problem was that I didn’t really have the time or inclination to practice the rhythmic art of percussion. (A lack of talent didn’t help either).

So you want to be a rock and roll star

then listen now to what I say

 Just get an electric guitar,

take some time and learn how to play

Chris Hillman, Roger McGuinn (The Byrds)

Fast forward a bit and I find myself with an idea for a story. I write a few sentences, they become paragraphs and before I know it I’ve written the first chapter of my first novel. I pursue this for a while and after a couple of weeks I’ve got a few chapters for my “proper” book done and I’ve started a book for my kids. This is it, I’m going to write. The few people I’ve shown my work to like it, they say they would like to read more so I’m going to do it.

I totally have no other talent

and I would be totally out of work

if I did anything else.

Neil Young

The difference between “I’m going to be a rock star” and “I’m going to be a writer”? This time around I’ve made time to practice and give this a real go. I know how much money I need from my day job and have adjusted things accordingly. If I’m at home and not writing I’ll get shouted at. This blog is the equivalent of my Mums old living room only this time I won’t be annoying the neighbours with out of time snare drums, just my writing.

I hope you enjoy my little stories and join me on the long road ahead. I hope to get better, work really hard and one day if luck or fate allow, this will become the day job.


13 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I am delighted to meet another fellow drummer at heart (meaning I too have no talent for it – what’s more I wrote about that in a blog post). I found your blog in The Commons and look forward to reading more – once I catch up on everything else I let slip while playing around the Writing course. Perhaps I’ll see you soon!

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  2. I am also writing a story from my daughter right now, so I hear you on that. I also played the drums when I was younger… badly. That’s three things we have in common (the third being a writer in general.) The last bit, if I am assuming correctly by your blog handle, we were both born in 1979. Strange. Maybe we are related in some multiverse story.

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  3. I really, really like your site layout and how you are displaying the awards, the sliding gallery, perfect! I also like the Reading asides. Each of the sections just work well together. I like the stories, too, but I felt I had to say something about the layout.

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