Nick the Polar Bear



A story co-written by Isaac Jones – Age 4.

Nick was a polar bear. He wasn’t the biggest polar bear around but he was bigger than his brothers and sisters. He liked being the biggest bear in the snow hole, at least until his Mummy came home from hunting.

Nick wasn’t very good at hunting yet, he was still rather new to it all. He could balance on the skiddy ice quite well now, and much better than the others but he didn’t like going in the freezing icy water to chase seals.

“Why can’t the seals stay on the ice” he would say “they would be much easier to catch”.

One day he found a seal lying on the ice and he chased it. The seal had fallen asleep and his escape hole had frozen over. Nick chased him but the seal was a little quicker at sliding on the ice than Nick was running. The seal managed to get away because Nick got tired.

The next day, Nick saw the same seal again. The seal asked Nick

“Why do you keep chasing me?”

“I’m a Polar Bear” said Nick “I’m supposed to chase seals, anyway I’m hungry”

“Instead of eating me” the Seal replied, “Why don’t you eat some lovely fish”

“Because I don’t like the freezing icy water” said Nick “Anyway, I can’t swim yet”

“Ok” said the seal”, why don’t I catch the fish for you and we can have a friendly picnic together”.

  “That sounds like a good idea said Nick, “My name is Nick the Polar Bear”

“Pleased to meet you Nick, I’m Sally.”

And they ate fish on the ice every day until Nick learned to swim and catch fish himself.


14 thoughts on “Nick the Polar Bear”

    1. Thank you. He’s mad on Polar Bears. Frozen Planet is his favourite tv show. He’s sleeping now with his FOUR polar bears of varying sizes – Fridge is the smallest, then Ross, then Nicholas, and finally Nick (who is huge)

      Liked by 2 people

      1. 😀 Am sure Nick will have more adventures then – and look forward to them finding a spot on your blog.

        What a lovely scene it must be. Thank you for sharing this.
        Please let him know I’d love to hear of Nick’s adventures.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. So, did you encourage him to edit out the eating of the seal, or did he come to that on his own? Are you being THAT editor 🙂 That was good fun. Felt very much like the stories I hear from my students and they are all priceless.

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