Thanks for the Christmas Card

He sits in his chair in the corner. From his vantage point he can see the plain white envelope propped up against a bottle of cheap scotch. It was on the doormat when he had returned from the liquor store and as soon as he saw the handwriting on the front he knew it was a Christmas card from Her.  He had left both the bottle and the card unopened and retreated to the sanctuary of his easy chair.  Now he has a choice, sit and stare at the corner of the room where the Christmas tree should be or open the envelope and the scotch and drink himself to sleep.

They bought the Christmas tree together, not last year but the one before. There was a little store at the end of the street and she had called him to go and meet her. It wasn’t the best tree, it was plastic and cheap and they were broke. It was all they could afford but it was their tree. They bought it together so why did she get to take it with her? He remembers her smile as he made decorations from the colour wheels from the hardware store. He remembers the soft glow of the fairy lights on her pale skin. He remembers the sex.

Looking over at the kitchen table he wonders why she’d be sending him a Christmas card. He knows it’ll have one of her God awful catch up letters she sends every year. Only this time his name won’t be mentioned it’ll be the name of the new boyfriend and news of the plush new apartment and fulfilling new job and some other bullshit he’s not a party to anymore. He walks over to the table and watches the card fall flat as he picks up the bottle, grabs the cleanest dirty glass from the drainer and returns to his chair. He raises his glass and toasts her a silent fuck you.

You can find the next “episode” over at Maze Odyssey


9 thoughts on “Thanks for the Christmas Card”

  1. So well written I wanted to cry. ‘Been there – except for the drinking myself to sleep thing, and not that good single malt isn’t fully appreciated on occasion. Moving on once the newness passed seemed right. You nailed the feeling left behind and the inability to cope feeling, Robert.

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    1. Thank you. Its based on a song by Everclear called “I will be Hating you for Christmas” I suppose I just hung some flesh on the bones of the song x


  2. Hi, good to meet you via The Book Blogger. Great story, I wonder if anyone appriciates another person’s annual catch up letter.

    Thanks to Matt I’ve found a love for flash fiction that I’d never have imagined so now I’ve discovered you I’ll visit again.
    Best wishes, Yvonne x

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    1. Thanks Yvonne, Crete looks nice. I’ve also done a little story based on a local person memorialised in stone – The Boy in the Park. Hoping to develop it into a longer piece in the new year.

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