Disappearing Act.

I know he loves me but this just too much. Every night is the same, Susan do this, Susan do that and like a fool I just do it, no questions. Sometimes I think he’ll ignore our safe word and carry on regardless. On with the show. Damn you Scott.

She’s amazing. She just does whatever I ask her, no questions. We’re so good together. Scott and Susan. It has such a good ring to it. I hope I don’t lose her. I’m going to surprise her tonight. Something experimental. She’ll love it, it’ll be great. I love you Susan

No way. I’m not doing it. No. The ropes and handcuffs they were bad enough. Now it’s all getting out of control. Every time, he just waves his magic wand and I do what he wants. You are not putting me in that damn box, no way. Damn you Scott.

I can’t believe she’s agreed to this. She was so cross with me for pulling that trick with the gun I thought she might leave me. It’s really going to happen tonight. I can’t wait. I’m so excited. She’s really going to let me do it. I love you Susan.

I can’t believe I’ve let him lock me in here. Well screw him. No more. I’m not going to wait around for him to realise. I’ve got to escape. Through this trapdoor, crawl under the floorboards, into a hallway, through a door and out into the city. Damn you Scott.

Where have you gone? You should be here in the box. We haven’t rehearsed this. You supposed to go into the box and through the trapdoor. I do the swords, spin the box, your gone. Pull the swords out, box spins, you’re back. But you’re not. Where are you Susan?  



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