The Things we Leave Behind

They say every city has a soul, thing is, this ones tormented. Looking for a party? Well what’s your drug of choice my friend? We got them all. Drink, drugs? You name it, we can get it for you. You want to put it all on black? Do it here. Want a girl to do the kinda things you can’t ask your sweet soccer mom wife for? This is the place, for a price, and everyone has a price.

They found mine a while back. Just one little job, and the debt is cleared. But then there’s another job and another, and another and before you know it you’re throwing lifeless hookers into dumpsters without a second thought.  Well it ends tonight. I just invested my life savings in a tankful of gas and I’m going to blow the whole lot. I don’t care where I’ll go, just so long as it’s far away from here. They’ll all catch up with me eventually, it’s just who’ll kill me first, the evil I leave behind or the ghosts I bring along for the ride


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