Inspired by the Neighbours

I found this little story on the reader using the tag micro fiction.

I really like it and the twist at the end is interesting so I thought I’d right a follow up piece.

He got up from his spot in the dirt and looked out in direction the Sheriff had pointed. What the hell was “it”. He put his hand in his pocket and felt the coldness of the lawman’s bullets in his fingers. Picking up the rifle he followed the path the sheriff had taken back to the highway just in time to see the patrol car whipping up dust and grit as it rejoined the road its red taillights fading to as sped down the tarmac.

The fire was burning when he got back to camp but he could make out a dark figure sat down in the shadows on the far side from where he now stood. As he raised the rifle to his shoulder he heard a low guttural rasping breath behind him, he swung around with the rifle pointing straight at ….. nothing. He spun on the spot, back towards the shadow man…..gone. He felt a urge to run for the road, turned for a third time and suddenly felt hands pulling him backwards and down to the ground.

Once again Thank you to planetary defense command for the inspiration. Hope you like it.


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