One Day


           Click, click, clickety click. The cursor stops its linear route across the screen as I ponder the last paragraph. My eyes are drawn through the window, down the garden and out onto the mountains rising in front of me. I can’t see the tops from here, the window frame cuts them from my view. I get up from my chair and make my way through to the kitchen, ducking through the low doorframe which has taken somewhat of a dislike to my head. I fill the kettle and pop it on the stove top. The electric one would be quicker I suppose but at times like this a whistling kettle is nourishment for the soul. Its just far more satisfactory than a simple “click” to tell me it’s time for a brew. I make a cup of tea and rummage through the cupboards for the biscuit tin. She’s hidden it again, she’ll say it’s been “tidied” but if I can’t find it on the side where I left it then its been hidden.

       Tea and biscuits in hand I open the back door to the garden and brace myself for the cold. Actually it’s pretty warm for early March and I inspect the flower beds for signs of spring. The evidence I find is of the neighbours cat, bloody thing, can’t it shit in it’s own garden! I find my bench and sit for my tea. I watch the sheep on the hills, I can see old Mr Young up there with his quad bike and dog, turning his flock out a bit early. Weather forecast must be promising I think to myself before slurping the dregs of my mug and making my way back into the cottage.

       I fetch another mug from the cupboard by the sink, place it next to mine and brew up. The I take the extra mug down the hall, past my little den, and into the dining room. Well, what used to be the dining room. I pop the tea down next to my wife whose busy working on the illustrations for this latest book we’re working on for the Grandchildren. She always has been the best drawer in the family. We sit and chat for a bit before I pick myself up from the stool and go back to my cosy little den, only this time I forget to duck through the doorway.

      At the moment I write with my laptop surprisingly on my lap, trying not to kick over lego creations the kids have made. Usually the typing bit happens quite quick. I have most of a story in head before I switch the computer on and what happens on here is just editing I suppose. My story “Show me a Hero” started as an idea that came to me in the car park of the local diy shop, by the time I came back out it was just about finished and just needed typing up. (Although I did have to go back to the shop as I had forgotten a few bits!). The story above developed at work while pushing a lawn mower around for three hours, I just came home and typed it up. I think this is where I’d like to be in twenty five years time.

If you have any ideas on what I can write a little story about you can drop me a line here via my contact form. I’ve also added my About Me page for Blogging 101 so you see a bit of what I’m about. Finally, thank you to every one who has read, liked and given me feedback on my little tales over the last week, I really appreciate it and am really hoping to get better at this writing business. Cheers



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